SMD支架自動熱測機 SMD Bracket Auto Heating Sorting Machine

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Model No.:HJ-SMDHT-300

♦ 機型:HJ-SMDHT-300 ( Model No.:HJ-SMDHT-300 )

ㄧ、機台說明 Machine Description


Designed to work with SMD materials, the main function of this Auto Heating Sorting Machine developed by HON-JER Technology co., Ltd is to test the electrical conditions of SMD material after it is heated through heating rails, and to place them in material containers according to grade. This machine can effectively improve shipment reliability and prevent material defect during later phase application.

二、產品特性 Product Features

◆ 密閉式烤箱,不同於市面ㄧ般熱測機為開放式,造成溫度不穩定情形,正面透明視窗設計,可由外部觀察軌道狀況。

Obturation oven, auto heating sorting machine is different from the market of open, causing temperature unstable situations, positive and transparent window design, can be used by external observation of rail conditions.

◆ 常溫測試站&高溫測試站。

Testing at room temperature & High temperature test stations


Three heating the oven design, users can set heating according to material characteristics curves


Heating time can be set according to user requirements.


◆288 probe with independent elastic top plate pressure test set plastic shell  to avoid materials testing deformation & out of the ball and then contact.


◆Testing process in the oven avoid temperature error.


◆Track width can be adjusted manually, the share of high


◆Automatic memory defective products in the test is completed materials, and automatic punching blanking sub-BIN.


◆Bad BIN can be set according to the user


◆A material detection to avoid the error of separating material.


◆IPC control high stability and scalability.

三、產品規格 Product Specifications


Machine capacity



Power Specifications



Pressure Specifications



Machine Size


weight 重量:860KG

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