TO CAM自動盤測機auto-sorting-machine-for-to56

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Model No:HJ-BIAT-100

♦ 機型:HJ-BIAT-100 ( Model No.:HJ-BIAT-100 )

一、機台說明  Machine Description  

此機台應用於 LD 產品 Burn-In 前 / 後測試,使用者只需將 Burn-In 板插入,即可進行 PD & 波長量測動作。

This machine is used in the pre/post Burn-In test of LD products. 
Users only need to insert the Burn-In board to perform PD & wavelength measurement.

二、產品特性 Product Features

■ 金手指浮動結構,方便 BI 板插入對位,增加金手指使用壽命。

The floating structure of the golden finger is convenient for
the BI board to be inserted and aligned,
and the service life of the golden finger is increased.

■ PD 收光結構。

PD receiver structure.

■ 波長收光結構。

Wavelength receiving structure.

■ IPC 控制系統,穩定性高。

IPC control system, high stability.

■ 高精度螺桿,並搭配步進馬達控制,精準度高。

High-precision screw, with stepper motor control, high precision.

 三、產品規格 Product Specifications


Machine capacity

 換板速度<8秒(不包含測試 & 藕光時間)  

  Board changing speed <8 seconds (excluding test & coupling time)


Power Specifications



Pressure Specifications



Machine Size

 寬W163*D深155*H高185 cm

 ( 高度不含三色燈50cm Height does not include tri-color lights 50cm)

重量(weight):1178 KGS

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