TO-Cam備料機 Automatic Preparation Machine

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Model No.:HJ-LDAC-700

機型:HJ-LDAC-700  ( Model No.:HJ-LDAC-700 )

ㄧ、機台說明 Machine Description

此機台可解決 TO46 或 TO56 來料時無方向性,人員需排料的困擾,透過 CCD 自動辨識 & 馬達自動轉向功能,將 TO 材料準確的排上鋁盤,並可依需求對材料進行縮腳動作。

This machine can solve the problem of TO46 or TO56 incoming materials without directionality and personnel need to discharge materials. Through the CCD automatic identification & motor automatic steering function, the TO materials can be accurately arranged on the aluminum tray, and the materials can be reduced according to requirements Foot movement.

二、產品特性 Product Features

■ 4腳 & 5腳共用。

■ 4 feet & 5 feet shared.

■ 震動盤入料,不需受來料 TRAY 盤限制。

■ Vibration plate feeding, no need to be restricted by incoming TRAY plate.

■ CCD自動辨識。

■ CCD automatic identification.

■ 材料自動轉向。

■ The material turns automatically.

■ 防靜電塑材吸嘴,避免吸取時損傷材料。

■ Anti-static plastic suction nozzle to avoid damaging the material during suction.

■ 無給油真空 PUMP,真空度高。

■ No oil supply vacuum PUMP, high vacuum degree.

■ 真空度數位顯示 & 檢知。

■ Digital display & inspection of vacuum degree.

■ 高精度螺桿,搭配伺服馬達,精準度高。

■ High-precision screw, with servo motor, high precision.

■ 吸嘴彈力結構,保護材料在過程中不損傷。

■ The elastic structure of the nozzle protects the material from damage during the process.

■ 特殊縮腳功能,可依需求開啟功能。

■ Special foot reduction function, which can be turned on as required.

■ 彩色觸控介面,方便操作。

■ Color touch interface for easy operation.

■ IPC 控制,擴充機能強。

■ IPC control, strong expansion function

三、產品規格 Product Specifications


Machine capacity



Power Specifications

AC220V, 20A, 50/60Hz


Pressure Specifications



Machine Size

寬W178*深D121*高H182 CM(高度不含三色燈Height does not include tri-color lights)

weight重量:約600 KGS

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